About Us

HL Best Forklift is an electric powered and diesel forklift company that was established in year 2010. We specialist in Material handling equipment and forklift parts & services in Sabah. We are selling used forklift, reconditioned forklift and refurbished forklift. We are also supplier of electric powered forklift parts for Toyota Forklift, Nissan, Komatsu & etc.

HL Best Forklift Sdn Bhd supply high quality forklift parts, experienced in reconditioning forklift, all parts including forklift engine parts, transmission, drive axle, mast & chain roller, steering parts, tyres & rims, starters, alternators, hydraulic parts, forklift brake and etc. HL Best Forklift Sdn Bhd own smart way to do business and get job done on time with minimum fuss and the right equipment. HL Best Forklift Sdn Bhd will be the best company to answer all the material handling needs because its offer cost effective, modern reliable forklift, fast friendly service, delivered to your door and prompt pick-up service on completion which in line with the company objectives.

The expertise can offers a complete range of material handling equipment for internal and external material handling from hand pallet trucks, powered pallet trucks, power stacker, reach truck and battery operated forklift truck.

HL Best Forklift understand the importance of the highest standards in lifetime care. A comprehensive service maintenance with skilled technicians and support facilities ensures maximum operating reliability at all times and that means maximum uptime and to avoid production loss through breakdown. Our customer approach is to help reduce costs in repairing, while improving productivity, profitability and most of all safety.

Customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. HL Best Forklift Sdn Bhd assures to meet the customer needs by providing good quality products and supports by our after sales services and experience maintenance personnel. We assure our client that we will attend their equipment’s breakdown or problems within 24 hours if their warehouse located in Kota Kinabalu area. To avoid and minimize operation interruption, we will borrow our equipment to customers if their equipment is under major repair.

Our Objectives

The company objectives is to build a long term business partnership with customers by providing innovative & cost effective solution, quality products and valued added services.

Besides, it is to deliver the greatest total value to make our customers more productive, more competitive and profitable. We accomplish this by having the most technically talented product application people, the most customer focused service and support personnel, and by improving our business process.

Our Mission

To reach our vision, we used Mission statement as our guide. The Mission statement based on three perspective. Firstly is Customer perspective, we will fulfil all customers' needs by reduce both costs but with quality product and services. Secondly, is Dealership perspective, we will build long term relationships and prosperity in this industry, foster mutual teamwork and communications with all the business partner or customers. Last but not least is Leadership perspective, we continual improvement of our technical or business skills and develop our strengths to pursue business growth opportunities continuously.

Our Vision

Our Vision statement guides our principles and business practices. It is to meet the expanding demands together with our business partners toward the globally growing market and to be the most successful and respected leader in the global of electric powered forklift business.

Our Location

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Types of Service

All types of electric, diesel and petrol forklift

24/7 Support

Urgent cases support

Fast Troubleshooting

Fast response to solve your problems.